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Spring News

Is Spring finally here, or is it just lulling us into a false sense of security?

It's been a difficult winter for photo-shoots, with a few postponements and last minute changes of location due to the horrendous weather conditions. However, it's not been a complete wash-out, some of the best images have been on the most challenging days!

Not only is the weather changing, things here have been changing too - or more accurately, I should say that they have been evolving :-)

I always find that Christmas and New Year, brings with it the time to reflect both on a personal and business level and this year has been no exception.  It has led me into making some really positive changes.

Firstly, I have become involved with a great group of photographers and mentors, which has really inspired and challenged me. I have always had lots of ideas and plans up my sleeve, some short term, some longer term and being able to throw these ideas around with like-minded people has shown me that they are not out of reach :-)

I have also made the decision to team up with a different printing company.  Not only does this give me the opportunity to showcase some of their beautiful products, but we are also able to offer some amazing package deals along with the ability to provide bespoke wall hangings for those of you wanting something extra special. 

Unfortunately, I will not be heading to as many shows this year to take pictures, as I am going to concentrate on the photo-shoot and fine art side of the business. However, I do hope to be there with my mobile gallery (well ok it’s the horse trailer in disguise lol) where you will able to see some of my work and the fantastic products on offer.

In the meantime, if you are thinking of booking a photo-shoot, please do get in touch, May is filling up fast :-)

Luisa x