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Top 3 words......

I watched a webinar a few days ago which was really interesting and got me thinking.

Everyone who knows me, knows that my marketing is next to nil.  I'm not a very descriptive story teller, to me an apple is an apple, it's not a lovely green spherical tasty gem of fruit and so I tend to avoid writing, marketing and all the things I am supposed to do - which, of course, is not the way to build a business! 

Anyway, they suggested putting your top three words together to describe your business.  They used words like sophisticated, loved, luxury - all of which were dynamic and described their very successful business perfectly.  Whilst I was listening, I was trying desperately to think of three words to describe my photography.......erm........mind went blank....I have no idea.....who is my "target market".....erm......not exactly sure..... still no clue - arh, oh my god, I don't know!!!!

I start to panic.....should I know these things.....should they pop into my head and onto paper as soon as someone asks....I don't know.......Yikes.....Then after my initial panic I realised I don't necessarily want to target a specific market (oh my gosh, yes I said it, sorry marketeers!) I want it to be accessible, I want it to be fun and yes, I want it to be unique.

And there we have it.....I got my three words:  Unique, Accessible and Fun.

Unique: Photography is unique to everyone, no two pictures are ever the same.  No two photographers are the same, no two models are the same.  Every image taken is unique to that person, that day, that time, that mood, that backdrop, that landscape.

Accessible:  This is where I have struggled in my marketing up until now.  I would love to say I have clients who happily spend 5k with me on a regular basis.  I am top of my game, I command X amount of money for just turning up....but you know what......that isn't me..... I'm just a down to earth 40 something who enjoys what she does. Photography and photoshoots should be accessible to everyone, in my eyes you are ALL 5 star clients.  You should never look at a post on facebook or a website and say those images are great but I could never do that, I couldn't afford that, my horse isn't as grand as that one, I don't have those sort of outfits..... You should be able to look and say.....that could be me, I'd love to do that. Regardless of whether you have spent 100k on a horse or £100 on him, it doesn't matter - he is yours and you are his. It is possible to capture those special moments whoever you are and it is my privilege to help that happen.

Fun:  What's the point of having a photoshoot if it's not fun?  Horses have no ego, they have no agenda, we can't ask them to smile, to lift their chins etc, they do what they do and that's the fun part. We have to work with them, not against them and sometimes it takes time.....Many clients will say "I bet you've never come across one as naughty as this" or "I bet they normally behave better than this for you".  Guys....seriously don't worry, don't stress, we've got all the time in the world and the best photos....well....they always happen when you least expect it 😉