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Just thought I would share this with you.....

For all the girls with the muckers, half chaps and gloves with a hole in a finger.

For the girls who skip a party because they have to get up at 4:30am. The ones who will feed, muck, and repair a fence for the love of their best friend.

This is for the girls who can drive a tractor before they can drive a car. For the girls who would rather jump fences than skip rope. This is for the girls who think bailing twine and duct tape are tools.

For girls who spend more money having manes and tails plaited than have their own hair done. This is for the girls who are excited opening a box with a leather halter in it. Who shovel snow to get to the barn.

For the girls who filled a stocking for a horse. Who wear a bracelet or a belt with their horse's name on it, not a boy. This is for the girls who dreamed of a pony for Christmas.

This is for the dreams we hold and the memories we all share. We know how to love unconditionally because a horse has taught us. This is a lifestyle not a hobby.