Horse Photography and Pet Portraiture -


“Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles.”  ― Dragan Tapshanov

I saw this quote today and it got me thinking about my photography.  

It's been a strange old year and I've made some difficult decisions - I haven't promoted the business as much as I should, especially over the summer holidays, as I made a conscious decision to spend a bit more time with my daughter Ella.  A lot of you are aware that photography is job number two, my "day job" is in an office and I, as well as a lot of working mums constantly juggle.  Sometimes it gets to a point where you need to step back and look at things from a different angle.  This doesn't mean I have given up, I have just prioritised things a little differently over the summer.

To be a good photographer is not just about the training, camera equipment and good models, it’s knowing when to stop and re-charge. Any artist or writer will tell you about their creative blocks and each will have various strategies to combat it. You need to give 100% otherwise it shows in your work.

And this is where this quote hit home:

"Photography is about capturing souls, not smiles" - Never a truer word spoken. Photography is about seeing, capturing a moment in time, it's artistic and it's instant.  

As a photographer, it's sometimes difficult to explain what you are seeing when you take that shot and it's only afterwards when your client looks at the image, they realise what it was you were trying to achieve.  It's not all about smiles, although they are lovely to see.  It's capturing the out-takes, the fun, the sadness, the emotion and putting your own spin on it. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”. 

Working with animals, as I usually do, brings such an inspiring outlet - you can't ask them to stand there, do this or that, they don't pose, or smile, or stand the way you would like them to - so you can put on your creative hat on and enjoy these incredible creatures.

Working with the team at Dolbadarn Film Horses, also allows me and other like-minded photographers and artists to fulfil some of our ideas and channel those inner demons lol.  We like to include everyone on our photography days and always ask if anyone has anything specific they would like to try out or to capture. These days are not for the competitive “my image is better than yours” people  – these days are about sharing knowledge, passion, ideas and ultimately having a fun day.  But the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the effect these horses have on some of our photographers and artists, the raw emotion they can bring out of people whether you are horsey or not.  It really does capture the soul - but from my perspective it’s the souls on both sides of the camera. x