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Supermodel Cindy Crawford once said she wished she looked like Cindy Crawford

That’s because after her photo is taken, the computer begins to create its magic, erasing wrinkles and blemishes, airbrushing a flawless, perfect look.

Other images of people are manipulated through Photoshop by increasing bust sizes, lengthening the legs and neck, changing the color of hair and eyes, sculpting cheek bones and abdominal muscles, reducing weight, adding cosmetics and more.

But people are not photoshopped in real life. No one is as flawless as the images seen in magazines and billboards, but the false advertising continues to cause an enormous problem with self-esteem.

According to research by Common Sense Media, a child advocacy group, more than half of girls and one-third of boys as young as six to eight think they are overweight, even though they aren’t. The report also found one in four children have tried some kind of diet by the age of seven and 89 percent of 10 year-olds are afraid of becoming overweight.

Makes for scary reading doesn't it......

Having photoshop at home, I'd like to think that my daughter has an understanding of how everything you see in the media is false. Positive body image and confidence is so important when you are growing up, as you will no doubt carry those beliefs into adulthood. 

Children have enough to worry about without thinking they are too fat, not pretty enough, their hair is the wrong colour, it's not long enough or straight enough, maybe they think their clothes aren't trendy enough.  

So, just a quick question adults - How many of you apply filters before uploading your selfies? xxx