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Stepping into the World of Video

Last Sunday I stepped out of my comfort zone with and spent a day learning about Videography. 

This is something I've never done before, except the usual stuff taken on my phone. Jack and G made it look so easy, were excellent at explaining everything to all of us and answering our endless questions. Not only did we get the theory, we also went out and had a's not as easy as it looks.  I think it's going to take a lot of practice, time and patience for an old bird such as myself to take it all in, and of course, it doesn't end there....there's the editing side of things too. 

After a bit of lunch, Jack showed us a number of good software packages and ran through all the basics. So much to take in, but it was amazing to see what you can achieve with a bit of know how. 

As always with Jack and the team, there was plenty of information flowing, along with tea, biscuits and fun to be had by all :-)

Thanks guys.