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Summer ???

I'm not quite sure what to make of the weather we've been having just lately, but blimey it plays havoc with the photoshoots.  

Ask any professional photographer and they will tell you they always use manual settings on their camera as it gives you the edge. You have far more control of how you would like the image, the clarity, depth of field, light etc but it becomes much harder when the sun pops its head out and then dives behind a cloud, before pouring down with always seems as though you spend more time fiddling and twisting buttons and dials - but it is certainly worth it.

I spent a fab day with some friends recently, taking pictures all day and trying out some new things.  It's always lovely when you can put your heads together to see what you can achieve :-)  It's safe to say that we could make a few Costume Departments jealous with our collections of outfits!!!  (If anyone would like to use them on their photoshoots, please do shout up lol).

For those of you wondering about our photography days with Dolbadarn Film Horses, we are currently juggling some dates as they are very busy with filming - but we hope to be able to give you some news shortly :-)   I can't wait!!!