Horse Photography and Pet Portraiture -


Jackie (Photography Day)

 A variety of horses, costumes and talent were showcased. We were looked after from the minute we arrived at the Dolbadarn Hotel, until the moment we left. The locations were varied and the pace of event was perfect, ensuring everyone got the shots they needed, and a lot more besides, I'm sure. Personally I got way too many, and have spammed you all with my favourites over a couple of posts. Big thanks go to Luisa, obviously for pulling it all together, Dylan, for allowing us to have the up close and personal interaction with the horses, Niamh, for the make up and hair. Molly, as usual for her wonderfully understated performance, showing great understanding and love of the horses. Jasmine, for bringing yet another dimension to what is a wonderful all round photography day. Last but not least the horses, the real stars of the show! Definitely one of my favourite events, and I'm really looking forward to the next one I can attend, so keep me on the list please!


Luisa knows how to capture a whole atmosphere in a picture, the faces of both the people and the animals just tell a story and I have no idea how she does it! Everytime I post a photo of my horse, taken by Luisa, on FB I get so many comments and likes, even from non horsey people. She's amazing in what she does and has a natural talent.


The memories and true personalities of our horses which were captured by Luisa will always take pride of place in my collection. She worked with great patience and has fantastic artistic flair to truly capture the magic with your horses. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Amazing photographer with the patience needed when working with horses and dogs (and their humans). Fantastic photos that make lovely memories to keep forever especially when you lose a treasured pet ❤


Brilliant, patient photographer, photo's of my horse are stunningly beautiful - very, very, very treasured memories of my gorgeous boy were made on the day of our shoot. Thank you so much :-) Jx


Had a fab afternoon. Fun and relaxed. Looking forward to pics X


Luisa took the most stunning pictures of myself and Charlie! She had great ideas and made it a lovely day to remember!


Beautiful and atmospheric. Love your photo's x